News from the Senate (12th August 2022)

Fortunas Finance
2 min readAug 12, 2022

Final days before launch!

Crypto World video on Fortunas Finance

Major Partnership Announced

  • We are officially launching with Liquid Capital! We will be launching on their Orbital Dex launchpad.
  • FRTNA will also be available to swap on their Orbital Dex, benefitting both partners.
  • Fortunas Finance will also be joining Liquid Capital’s Circle of Trust.


  • We are launching either on August 21st or 22nd.
  • More details regarding launch and fund allocations will be given before launch day.
  • Our bounty period has ended and participants can claim their rewards on discord.


  • Staking LP to earn a fixed 520% APY has a 30-day lock, to ensure we have the liquidity to stabilize the price.
  • Locked liquidity duration has been changed from 1 year to 3 months, we want to ensure that we can migrate liquidity in case of an opportunity or emergency.


  • We have released our first monthly financial report.
  • You can read them monthly on our discord server.


  • We have expanded our team with members to help with discord and building our infrastructure.



Future Developments

  • Leaderboards and guild wars will be coming to Fortunas Finance soon, rewards for topping the charts will be given.
  • After we launch guilds and leaderboards, we will be creating a head-to-head browser battle game, which gives rewards quicker than staking, at a higher risk.

Join our Community!

Join our discord channel and wait for news regarding the Whitelist giveaways! There will be many whitelist slots available and the earlier you join, the higher the chance of you getting one.

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Fortunas Finance

A new crypto project that allows you to pick your return. Gone are the days of fixed APYs! We’re bringing in a whole new era of DeFi.