Fortunas Finance X CryptoVerse AMA Recap

Fortunas Finance
3 min readAug 6, 2022


A recap of our latest AMA with CryptoVerse.

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  • Luke chose to launch Fortunas Finance on Binance Smart Chain because he had the best experience using BSC, from efficiency to gas fees.
  • We can also utilize BUSD which is truly backed by USD as an LP pair.
  • Our goal is to maintain a healthy token by controlling inflation and deflation.
  • Since rewards are differentiated for everyone, we can control inflation better. Since we begin deflationary, we can have an APY token with price appreciation.
  • The idea of Fortunas is everyone can earn, but everyone earns a different amount.
  • You have to claim rewards via the Dapp, you have to interact with it to help generate value, because historically “passive income” tokens do not work for the long term.
  • We want to provide earnings, not give out free tokens.
  • You can claim at any point in time, with no fees except gas.
  • Staking LP to earn a fixed 520% APY has a 30-day lock, to ensure we have the liquidity to stabilize the price.
  • We want Fortunas to be fun, we don’t want people to be stressed out when staking and just looking at the value grow.
  • We want to create value, which is giving people enjoyment.
  • As your balance grows, rations increase, and buying 5 days of rations is a discount.


  • Our founder is both KYC’d and doxxed.
  • All of our risks stated in our audit are stated in the gitbook, making it easy for people to research.
  • We release monthly financial audits so everyone can see how we spend our treasury funds.
  • The team will remain undoxxed, Luke takes full accountability for everything that happens to the protocol funds.
  • We are not planning on using an LMS, we don’t want to risk our protocol price and investors' capital with a concept that is a few months old.
  • Locked liquidity duration has been changed from 1 year to 3 months, we want to ensure that we can migrate liquidity in case of an opportunity or emergency.


  • NFTs use case is the decrease the wait time to earn high rewards, hero increases your chance of winning, and cavalry increase rewards per win.
  • All NFT profits go to the treasury, we can decide how to use them from there.

Fortunas Finance as a company

  • Fortunas is running like a video game company start-up with DeFi elements.
  • Treasury will be used to make more money by growing more products that generate revenue and marketing Fortunas Finance to the masses.
  • Game-like mechanisms will be coming every quarter, we don’t want to build anything too grand in the beginning, since we are a start-up.
  • Once we have the money, we can begin building a good game that will impress.


  • Our presale will be on August 21st, 2022.
  • We are planning for a secret partnership that will help us with presale and launch, which will be around the 25th or 26th of August.
  • Anybody can buy during presale. However, whitelist holders get 10% additional tokens, up to 100 dollars of FRTNA value.


  • Once we have hit our marketing limit within the DeFi space, we will begin marketing to the gaming market, such as real-time strategy gamers.

Future Developments

  • Leaderboards and guild wars will be coming to Fortunas Finance soon, rewards for topping the charts will be given.
  • After we launch guilds and leaderboards, we will be creating a head-to-head browser battle game, which gives rewards quicker than staking, at a higher risk.

Join our Community!

Join our discord channel and wait for news regarding the Whitelist giveaways! There will be many whitelist slots available and the earlier you join, the higher the chance of you getting one.

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Fortunas Finance

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