Fortunas Finance X Parrotly Finance AMA Recap

Fortunas Finance
1 min readAug 12, 2022


A recap of our latest AMA with Parrotly Finance.

AMA recap


  • If your war ends, your FRTNA will remain in the war, accruing 0.25% rewards as if they are in your wallet.
  • To officially end a war, you will have to leave the war, restake, and start at the base APY rate all over again.
  • We won’t allow partial withdrawals, you have to end the war if you want to take your FRTNA out.


  • Our starting supply is 50 million tokens.
  • You must have tokens in your wallet to pay for rations to get progressively better rewards.


  • We give you a chance to roll for a random chance NFT, or also buy it directly.

Fortunas Finance as a company

  • Fortunas Finance’s treasury won’t be used for yield farming
  • It’s like a video game company, we will invest in ourselves to create more games.
  • We will report our financials like a public company so people know how treasury funds are being spent.

Future Developments

  • Fortunas will consider working with Parrotly to make FRTNA accessible to a wider audience through on-ramps and cross-chain bridges.

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