News from the Senate (30th June 2022)

Pre-Development Updates

  • We are starting the private sale to help raise funds for the project while giving influencers an incentive to promote Fortunas Finance.
  • After that, we are planning to do a fair launch, this will allow the community to start at the same level.
  • We have started testing the contract for bugs, ensuring that the contract is working as intended.
  • We will soon be integrating our smart contract into our dApp.


  • Rewards will not be minted unless they absolutely have to be; a large percentage of the initial supply will actually be reserved for rewards (like 40%)! This will combat inflation even more than we already have.


  • Once our code is tested, we will get our smart contracts audited.
  • We will be having KYCs with 2 auditing firms.


  • We are finalizing our tokenomics.



  • We have a list of partners who will help market Fortunas Finance to a greater audience.
  • There will be a 20k Hard Cap private sale in telegram with a bunch of influencers on July 1st, 2022.

Join our Community!

Join our discord channel or telegram group and wait for news regarding the Whitelist giveaways! There will be many whitelist slots available and the earlier you join, the higher the chance of you getting one.



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Fortunas Finance

Fortunas Finance

A new crypto project that allows you to pick your return. Gone are the days of fixed APYs! We’re bringing in a whole new era of DeFi.