News from the Senate (31th August 2022)

Fortunas Finance
3 min readAug 31, 2022


Onwards to a better future.

Project update

Fair Launch Cancelled

  • Fortunas cut ties with Liquid Capital due to their fraudulent behavior of shutting down a key component of their project without warning their investors.
  • We decided to delay the launch, as we found a much better partner who can bring in new investors to Fortunas Finance.
  • All holders were refunded 100% of the BUSD invested in the Fair Launch.
  • Fortunas Finance will be pivoting to a new strategy for the new Presale.

Future Presale Plans

  • Fortunas Finance will be partnering with the Alliance of Forge.
  • The Presale for FRTNA will be held on the Wizard Launchpad on September 6th, 9 am PST (4 pm UTC).
  • Over the next couple of weeks, we will be more focused on Telegram.
  • Due to the fact that the Fair Launch is changing to a Presale, Whitelist spots are now essential to get an edge in the protocol.
  • The new Presale will be Whitelist only.
  • After the initial whitelist sale, the sale will open up to $FORGE token holders.
  • We already have over 100 entries on Whitelist and there are projected to be 200–300 WL addresses this time around.

Major Partnership

  • Fortunas Finance will be partnering with the Alliance of Forge for the foreseeable future.
  • Alliance of Forge will include Fortunas Finance in its expansive ecosystem.
  • Alliance of Forge will provide experience to Fortunas Finance, as they have been operating in the DeFi space for quite some time.
  • Our ideas about long-term returns and gains over time are also something they heavily value as well, and will work with us to perfect our ecosystem.




  • Our writer, Cinna the Poet, is leaving his post by the 31st of August.
  • We hired a security admin to help with discord security.
  • We also hired a marketing expert delegated to relations between Fortunas Finance and other parties.



  • Selected Investments released an awesome video showcasing Fortunas Finance:
  • Crypto World also released a video detailing what makes Fortunas Finance unique:
  • Luke has begun doing weekly discord meetings to talk about Fortunas Finance with investors.
  • We are having a Whitelist cross-promotional campaign with THE DEGEN GAMES.

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