Fortunas Finance X Pump Signal AMA Recap.

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3 min readJun 7, 2022


A recap on the latest AMA with Pump Signal.

AMA recap


  • Dawns Of Crypto & Nova is in charge of marketing.
  • Quecko Inc. is in charge of our development.
  • 3 full-time mods — Albert, MaicomX, and Nikola Tesla
  • 1 full-time writer — Cinna the Poet.


  • We are the first DRP protocol.
  • We give you a lot more control over your return, some people might double their money while some might triple it at the same price point.
  • The longer you hold, the better your APY will get. Your APY starting out will be lower than someone who has staked longer.
  • This encourages true long-term holding and prevents people from jumping in and out of the protocol.
  • Every session of rewards will come to an end. After that, you can start a war to begin collecting rewards again.
  • There is no lock-up period! We want to give people freedom in controlling their $FRTNA.
  • Rations help balance out the supply and demand, investors will have to balance giving to the protocol and taking in order to generate cash flow.
  • We want to create an active and engaged community, where we can help each other grow our investments.


  • The APY for wars are variable, it will start out small but grow over time.
  • The harder the war, the less the initial APY, but the higher the final APY.
  • Rations will scale based on the amount staked to cater to both small holders and whales.

Upgrades (NFTs)

  • Heroes are for the short term, calvary is for the long term.
  • In the first 13 days, there is a chance for your NFT to be burnt when retreating from a battle.
  • You cannot stack heroes and cavalry, 1 hero and 1 cavalry per war.


  • We are planning to leverage influence in the space through partnerships with discord groups and influencers.
  • There will be a big push on Youtube, to get influencers to buy-in and support the protocol.
  • We can garner users in the gaming industry and will be marketing to them in the future.


  • We plan to raise around 100–150 BNB
  • There won’t be vesting, we don’t want to handcuff people to the project.
  • All the funds raised will go back to helping grow the protocol.
  • We won’t be controlling whale sells, we believe in letting people control their destiny.

Security and Voting

  • Third-party audits will be done before launch.
  • We won’t be starting a DAO, but we will be listening to investors’ opinions when making decisions.

Launch and Post-Launch

  • July 10th is the launch date.
  • We will have marketing in place post-launch and will be marketing every day after.

How to get Whitelisted

Join our discord channel or telegram group and wait for news regarding the Whitelist giveaways! There will be many whitelist slots available and the earlier you join, the higher the chance of you getting one.

Discord invite:





Fortunas Finance

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