Fortunas Finance X OnlyBurns AMA Recap

Fortunas Finance
2 min readAug 16, 2022

A recap of our latest AMA with OnlyBurns.


  • Pairing in BUSD will keep us accountable instead of relying on BNB for price appreciation.
  • Successful projects such as EMP require you to interact with the dApp to achieve success, which is why we want Fortunas to be less passive and more interactive.
  • When the price goes down, people can buy rations, this will bring in auto-buy pressure, helping with producing a relatively healthy chart.
  • We are holding FRTNA in our treasury, some will be sold in BUSD to help fund the protocol.
  • We aren’t going to stake BUSD because all funds are needed to grow the platform.


  • Our presale is close to launching because we don’t want to cause a pump and dump.
  • We did not prepare anti-snipe mechanisms.


  • Marketing will target DeFi first, then RTS gamers are our secondary market target.
  • We will be doing constant AMAs in the next few weeks.

Future Developments

  • Head-to-head battles won’t be inflationary as it does not draw from the reward pool.
  • The average reward rate will be about .9–1% a day
  • Head-to-head battles will nullify a lot of growth as it provides higher rewards without inflating the protocol.
  • We will consider working with larger game studios in the future.
  • We want to make the launch successful before focusing on phase 2 of the roadmap
  • We will adjust our future plans as necessary based on the initial performance of the platform.

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