Fortunas Finance X Obsidian Council AMA Recap

Fortunas Finance
3 min readAug 12, 2022

A recap of our latest AMA with the Obsidian Council.


  • Fortunas has levers to push and pull to burn, mint, or bolster liquidity, with minting being a last resort.
  • We don’t want to be held back by the smart contract.
  • There are no taxes when unstaking from wars and claiming rewards.
  • You can add soldiers to a war that has already started, limited to 200%.
  • If you add more than 2 times the original amount, the war and APY will restart.
  • Fortunas can adjust how the taxes are used to meet the needs of the protocol.
  • Buy and sell taxes go to the treasury, but might be burnt if the treasury is healthy enough.
  • Even if everyone stakes in 150% APY, Luke is confident that Fortunas can grow to sustain the APY.


  • Luke will own the contract and the dApp to prevent security issues from the devs we sub-contracted.
  • We are getting infrastructure security help from Luke’s brother, such as acquiring an SSL certificate.
  • We have set up a multi-sig on Gnosis.
  • The dApp, website, and code are hosted by us and are getting secured.
  • Multi-sig will include our CMO, Infrastructure / Tech Lead, Luke, and our writer.
  • We will eventually add the 5th member from our community.
  • The LP lock timer was changed to make sure we aren’t locking ourselves into a situation that we do not want, allowing us to migrate FRTNA easily if need be.


  • Luke owns a company called Deks Technology Solutions LLC, a web development company that helps growing companies build and enhance their Shopify experience.
  • He also runs a doormat company.


  • The NFTs used in Fortunas Head-to-head combat game will be a modular NFT.
  • The game has a random character NFT generator, which generates NFTs with different levels and base stats.
  • You can enhance characters with armor, each with different stats, and modular NFTs can be added on top of a base NFT.
  • Head-to-head battles will be the future of Fortunas, it is riskier but allows you to earn more.
  • Money pulled from head-to-head battles will be sent to the treasury or burnt.

Fortunas Finance as a company

  • Fortunas needs revenue to build big developments.
  • The largest development is Head-to-Head battles.
  • We want to be a gaming company, where we create products that people enjoy.
  • We want to focus on building internal revenue Fortunas Finance systems, instead of going for external models.
  • This is why Fortunas Finance won’t be using taxes to invest in other protocols.
  • This is because relying on external investments with 7–10% APY can’t sustain FRTNA in the long term.


  • Fortunas Finance will go live on the 26th of August.

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