Fortunas Finance X James Pelton Twitter AMA Recap

Fortunas Finance
2 min readJul 15, 2022

A recap on the latest AMA with James Pelton


  • Fortunas Finance is a Gamified staking platform, which gives you the ability to choose what investment you’re getting into.
  • We shield investors from black swan events by pairing with BUSD.
  • 40% of initial token allocation is used as staking rewards, giving us 2 to 3 months of inflation-free staking.
  • Rations and taxes will burn FRTNA every day, meaning that we will even start off as a deflationary asset.
  • Fortunas is designed to give people reasons to hold their tokens, and reasons to buy tokens from Dexes.
  • This is done through Utility that will be implemented in the future, as well as an ascending APY which requires rations to obtain.
  • Fortunas Finance wants to reward participation in the protocol
  • Your rewards scale over time, this is done as your win rate increases 0.5% every day as long as you stake.
  • The harder war, the lower the initial rewards and the greater the final rewards.
  • The more rewards you get, the more rations you need to support your APY, driving deflation and use case.


  • Revenue is generated from buys and sells (volume).
  • It is also generated from Upgrade NFTs.
  • On top of that, you have to pay 0.5% of your staked FRTNA to the treasury to start a war.

Private Sale

  • The private sale is used to raise money for marketing and development.
  • Funds will be used for AMAs, Youtube videos and to gain more exposure for the protocol.
  • The founder will be taking no money from the private sale.

Fair launch

  • Whitelisted members get 10% more FRTNA during the fair launch, which is capped up to 100 dollars extra to prevent abuse.
  • We want to reward people who take risks to support us early, without putting new investors at a disadvantage.
  • The ultimate goal is to raise enough funds for liquidity to stabilize the price of FRTNA.

Future Utilities

  • We won’t be making complicated Play-2-Earn games that use too many resources to develop while leaving investors in the dust, at least in the short and medium term.
  • During the first year of Fortunas Finance, we’re building products that are similar but not the same as our gamified staking, increasing use cases of FRTNA that are similar to the pre-existing ecosystem, while providing new and exciting experiences every 2 to 3 months.
  • Our first goal is a UI-based browser game, where people can go head to head against other FRTNA holders to win extra rewards.
  • This will help burn FRTNA while continuing to feed the treasury.

How to get Whitelisted

Join our discord channel and read how to get Whitelisted! There will be many whitelist slots available and the earlier you join, the higher the chance of you getting one.

Discord invite:





Fortunas Finance

A new crypto project that allows you to pick your return. Gone are the days of fixed APYs! We’re bringing in a whole new era of DeFi.