Fortunas Finance X Cryptonairz AMA Recap

Cryptonairz AMA recording


  • The typical issue with most DeFi protocols that give out yields is either they run out of tokens to give or they have been minting too many tokens.
  • We can control our protocol to do both if needed.
  • Even if you forget about your war, you still keep your rewards and earn a 150% APY.


  • Luke has contract ownership, no matter who deployed the contract, they can’t rug the protocol.
  • Our dev team designed our dApp as well as fully transfer the assets and contracts over.


  • We hired a security admin to help with discord security.
  • We also hired a marketing expert delegated to relations between Fortunas Finance and other parties.


  • 40% of the FRTNA supply will be allocated to rewards, the team is considering adding the 15% of FRTNA from Utility to wars as well.
  • There are no tokens allocated to the team.
  • 50k BUSD is the target for the initial liquidity pair.

Future Developments

  • Head-to-head battles and guild wars are estimated to be coming by the end of the year.
  • We will focus on our staking dApp, games will come after.

Join our Community!

Join our discord channel and wait for news regarding the Whitelist giveaways! There will be many whitelist slots available and the earlier you join, the higher the chance of you getting one.



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Fortunas Finance

Fortunas Finance


A new crypto project that allows you to pick your return. Gone are the days of fixed APYs! We’re bringing in a whole new era of DeFi.