Fortunas Finance X Crypto Kingdom AMA Recap

Fortunas Finance
2 min readJul 24, 2022

A recap of our latest AMA with Crypto Kingdom


  • We want to make Fortunas Finance entertaining by keeping it interactive.
  • We aren’t going to force your hand and decide for you how long to stake and where to stake.
  • We want to make Fortunas Finance similar to a multi-asset portfolio, with high-risk products and low-risk products.
  • The risk comes from holding over a long period of time and hanging on to get true rewards.
  • Our dApp is reversed engineered to look like our website.


  • The founder and the staff will be making money through the treasury. (% of the income)
  • If the project is doing well, the team will be paid better, and vice versa.


  • Pinksale was chosen because of the launchpad’s popularity.
  • We already paid for our Spywolf Audit, and it will be ready soon.


  • Our founder believes he should take the maximum risk for his protocol’s success, which is the reason why he doxxed.
  • The way the protocol works, you won’t lose tokens when you stake.
  • The purpose of our audit is to prevent security risk
  • Our dev team is super experienced and is well aware of security flaws in contracts.
  • We can’t protect people from clicking malicious links and giving way their seed phrase.


  • Our treasury will be spent on marketing, and building upgrades to increase FRTNA’s use cases.


  • We are careful when doing partnerships, but if we are doing similar things with another project, we will consider it.
  • This is to prevent tarnishing our name if the other project ends up failing or rugging.
  • We are very risk-averse to prevent harming our investors.


  • We aren’t going to mint a lot of tokens
  • That’s why we allocated a part of our existing supply as our reward pool.
  • We have lots of levers to control tokenomics post-launch so we can control inflation and deflation while ensuring sustainability.
  • Our goal is to fund rewards, liquidity, and burning all by ourselves.
  • We can add incremental upgrades without V2 migrations, preventing confusing investors.


  • NFT last forever, but if you remove them too early you have a chance to lose your NFT.
  • There are no fixed fees for the price of our NFTs, they are percentage based.
  • They are utility-based, holders can flip them, but it is not the prime focus.

How to get Whitelisted

Join our discord channel and read how to get Whitelisted! There will be many whitelist slots available and the earlier you join, the higher the chance of you getting one.

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Fortunas Finance

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